Welcome to our Classical Composer's Demo Gallery

You can use this demo gallery to test how the InfoSpots info pages and Seek&Spot games work.

You can also see how the InfoSpots and the Seek&Spot games work together to create a unique experience for the visitors and players.

 Explore the works in this gallery with the Seek&Spot iOS or Android apps. Start by scanning some of the QR-codes under the paintings (scroll down for bigger versions of the QR-codes). You scan these codes with your mobile directly from a web-browser, if you open this page on a different device.

 Join the related Seek&Spot games, and see how a game can be used together with the InfoSpots. There are four different and short demo games that you can try:

  • Classical Composers Demo Gallery Game, EASY, with game code: CCEASY
  • Classical Composers Demo Gallery Game, MEDIUM, with game code: CCEASY2
  • Classical Composers Demo Gallery Game, HARD, with game code: CCMED
  • Classical Composers Demo Gallery Game, VERY HARD, with game code: CCHARD

We recommend you try these games in this order.