Talking Exhibits

InfoSpots allow visitors to scan a QR-code, enter a code, use bluetooth iBeacon or GPS to access information about the location or point of interest.  Information can include any multimedia types, and the InfoSpot information can also lead the visitor other related points of interest.

"Talking Exhibits" is a concept where exhibits talk to visitors via a smartphones. This can, of course, be done with any other sightseeing items, artifacts, or locations outdoors as well as indoors. Indoors application include galleries, museums and public buildings. We call all of these location waypoints.

You can implement this service out of the box with the InfoSpot; the app is available for users for free in the AppleStore for iOS and Google App Store for Android. The InfoSpot content can also be viewed with any smartphone internet browsers without installing a mobile application.

Full commercial configuration, support and software maintenance options are available. Visitor reporting and analytics are only available under the commercial licensing options.